Notices – w/c 3rd January 2016


Many of you will be aware that the MIND Trustees have decided to close the café with effect from Friday 18th December. Church Council has considered this at very short notice and the agreed proposal is that the Church will provide an interim café whilst exploring a number of ways forward.

The café will be open on Tuesdays and Thursdays providing a simplified menu of drinks, soup and snacks.

We will open on Tuesday 26th January and initially it will be managed by Jackie Fowler. If you are interested and able to help in any way please contact Jackie as soon as possible. Thank you.


Offertory envelopes

Offertory envelopes are now being distributed to all who had one last year. If you would like to join the envelope giving scheme please speak to Brian or Peter.

If you join the envelope giving scheme you will be provided with a box of envelopes with one envelope for each week. You can then put your money in the envelope, and the envelope into the collection.

The envelope scheme provides two key benefits:-

It helps you, the giver, to keep track of your donations by providing a gift envelope for each week through the tax year from April to March.

If you use Gift Aid, the envelope scheme enables your gifts to be identified and recorded during the year against your envelope number, which provides the records needed for the tax reclaim.

Alternatively you can set up a weekly, monthly or quarterly standing order and put an empty envelope in the collection plate if you wish.

Thanks Brian


Church Office

Church Office will open tomorrow 4th January 2016.