Notices – w/c 9th July 2017

PRAYER MEETING – Next Week Sunday 16th July 2017

We will meet in Room 9 before the service from 10.30am.

Prayer is simply having a conversation with God and silence is okay. Please join us.


Church Café – Your Café?

The church café has been a great success, offering a meeting point for people from different groups using the premises and visitors who just like our café.  Though we employ a café manager, Ruth, she depends heavily on volunteers to keep the café running smoothly.


One of the lead volunteers will soon be leaving to begin training as a nurse.  We desperately need more volunteers to fill an Aroona shaped hole on Thursdays.  If you think you could help please see Nick or Claire, or pop in to the café and speak with Ruth.


Two volunteers willing to work one day a fortnight would be good, or four volunteers who could each help once a month; but one person willing to help one day each week would be wonderful. Please consider carefully if this could be part of your Christian service. Remember the café is not just the ‘Church Café, it is ‘Your Café’.


‘Looking ahead’

The service on Sunday July 30th will be led by members of the Worship Planning Group. In this service we will be exploring the theme of ‘Parables’ and to help us to do this we will have a more informal arrangement of seating than usual.’


PLEASE NOTE – Re-decorating

Please be aware that for the first 3 weeks in July 2017 the corridor to the side of the Chapel and the rooms off it will be re-painted.


Be aware of wet paint in this area including the doors and frames of the Chapel to the corridor. Thank you.