Our church charity for 2020 and 2021 will be HOPE not hate.


HOPE not hate was founded in 2004 and established to offer a more positive and engaged way of doing anti-fascism.  They prioritised working in communities and town centre demonstrations; engaged and spoke to local people rather than to themselves; and realised that organizations like BNP were tapping into a wider mood of alienation and hardship and it was important to address issues of concern to voters.


Campaigning has always been backed up by first class research and intelligence and has exposed the illegal activities of extremist groups and revealed the unsavoury side to hundreds of extremist candidates over the years.


Since 2010, HOPE not hate has focused more on community politics. They have built peaceful and positive resistance to attempts by the far-right to divide communities, offered support to, and run, joint initiatives with Muslim organisations, and have begun campaigning against Islamist extremism. They will also work with the LGBT community who are often targeted by the far-right.


If you would like to donate to our church charity, you can do so online via Virgin Money Giving or by cash or cheque made payable to Christ Church and clearly marked for the church charity.



Our fundraising events

Murder mystery evening – Saturday 10th April, 7pm

We’ve all played Cluedo or watched Poirot, but now it’s our turn to be a part of the action!


Set on a snowy, long night in Northumberland, in an old country house in need of repair but where the parties are as glamorous as ever, people have gathered to celebrate the Winter Solstice.  Full of local artists and musicians, it is a favourite tradition of the village.  But then, the party is interrupted by a body in the snow…


A picture of a snowy country lane


Join us on Zoom at 7pm on Saturday 10th April and, as Hercule Poirot would say, see if you can use your little grey cells to solve the mystery.


If you would like to join us for our murder mystery, simply make a donation to our church charity (see below for details of how to donate) and we will send you the meeting link.



Virtual sales table

You can help support our church charity through purchasing items on our virtual sales table. To order items on our virtual sales table or find out further details, please email charity@christchurchuxbridge.org,uk or message our Facebook page.



These pleated masks are a similar size to the disposable ones (approx 7″×3½”). They are washable and reusable and made especially for you. A wide range of colours/patterns are available for you to choose from. Available for a minimum donation of £6 per mask.

Face masks made from various colours of fabric


Crocheted face cleaning pads

Cathy has crocheted sets of face cleaning pads to remove make up and freshen your face without the use of disposable wipes or cotton wool AND the proceeds from selling them will go to our church charity. They come in packs of 7 for a minimum donation of £3.50 and can be washed at 40°C once used.

Also available: small net bags for washing the pads for an extra £1.


Pink and white crocheted make-up remover pads





Previous fundraising events

Virtual beetle drive

Thank you to everyone who attended our virtual beetle drive. It was a fun evening and we raised another £80 for HOPE not hate as a result.


Silent Auction

Thank you to everyone who joined in with our silent auction. We raised £169 for HOPE not hate from this.


Postal quiz

Our postal quiz has now closed. Congratulations to Marlene, our postal quiz winner. You can find the answers to the quiz here.