We are currently meeting via Zoom each Wednesday at 7pm to pray together. If you would like to join us for this, or have any prayer requests you would like us to include, please either message us via our Facebook page or email our church office.


Hands clasped in prayer on top of a book



A Web of Prayer

A web of prayer can cover many topics and link in with other people’s prayers. You may find the following outline for daily prayers helpful:


Sunday – Bring to God your local church – give thanks and also bring any issues challenging the congregation.

Monday – Pray for your friends and family – there may be difficulties which they are facing.

Tuesday – Focus on the world of work. Commend to God the lives of everyone who will support you today.

Wednesday – Remember your local community. Ask forgiveness for isolation and prejudice which may be an issue. Listen for those who have been voiceless.

Thursday – Pray for the nation. All those who make justice, social order and government work. Remember those who believe they are “outsiders”.

Friday – Focus on the world: places where life hangs on a slender thread – disasters, wars and economic injustice: debt relief, justice and an awareness of our interdependence; the UN and other peacemakers.

Saturday – Pray for God’s world: the joys and sorrows of stewardship; technology and green living.