Sunday 25th February 2024

Our service this week will be a communion service with reception of new member, Beth, and will be led by URC minister, Revd Dr Elizabeth Welch.


Welcome and notices

Call to worship

Hymn – Give to our God immortal praise (R&S 94)

Prayer of adoration

Prayer of Confession and words of forgiveness

The Lord’s Prayer

Introduction to theme

Hymn – Praying and fasting and giving

Bible reading – Genesis 17: 1-7, 15-16

Hymn – To Abraham and Sarah (R&S 553)

Bible readings

Psalm 22: 23-31

Romans 4: 13-25

Mark 8: 31-36

Hymn – Take up your cross and follow me

A Prayer for Illumination

Sermon – Take up your cross

Hymn – Will you come and follow me (R&S 558)

Reception of Beth as a new member

Hymn – In Christ alone

Prayers of Intercession

Offertory and Prayer

Hymn – Christian people, raise your song (R&S 435)

Holy Communion

Hymn – Now let us from this table rise (R&S 463)

Sending out and blessing