Our church charity for 2023 is Communicare Counselling Service (registered charity no. 1109521).


Communicare Counselling Service is an independent counselling service, which was originally founded by the church. It now has its own management team and over 30 qualified counsellors. Counselling is offered to those with any belief system and none, and its aim is to offer counselling and psychotherapy at an accessible cost whilst preserving the financial viability of the service. Clients may be recommended by health care professionals or be self-referrals. Initial contact should be made by telephone on 01895 256 056. You can find more information about Communicare Counselling Service here.



If you would like to donate to our church charity, you can do so by cash or cheque made payable to Christ Church and clearly marked for the church charity.



Our fundraising events

Forthcoming events

Silent auction – November 2023

Our current fundraising event for our church charity is a silent auction. A silent auction works by people donating items to be auctioned. The descriptions are then circulated and everyone gets to bid on any item they fancy. To bid you send your sealed bid to us privately and the highest bid at the close of the auction wins. You won’t know what other people have bid but you can up your bid at any time until the closing date if you wish. After the closing date, the winners will be notified and asked to pay for their items.


We last held a silent auction in 2020 which included items like home-baked scones and tea bread; a hand-made baby quilt; an offer to wrap up to 10 Christmas presents; knitted toys; pot plants and magazines.


Our silent auction is now live and the catalogue of items can be found here. It’s now time to get your bids in! Details of how to bid can be found at the end of the catalogue of items. The closing date for bids is Sunday 19 November and the winners will be contacted directly within a couple of days of the closing date.



Previous church charities

2022 – HALO Children’s Foundation

2020-21 – HOPE not hate

2019 – Jairos Jiri Association

2018 – Little Hearts Matter

2016-17 – REAP, Hillingdon Refugee Support Group and U-Can Ask Angels

2015 – Friends of Vellore and Mercy Ships